We love our faux stone, rocks, and bricks!

Here you will find some examples of what faux stone panels can can look like. Many people have not yet had the opportunity to appreciate these fantastic panels. Being stone veneer, river rocks or brick, anyone will appreciate their beauty..

Stacked Stone & Ledgestone

Alpi faux stacked stone

Enjoy a rugged & contemporary stone.

Lightweight Stone Veneer

faux stone veneer

Most popular stone veneer for many uses.

River Rock Panels

faux river rock

The beauty of a traditional rocks look.

stacked stone on fireplaces

Stacked stone panels can be used for fireplaces to create a rugged look.

stone veneer example

Regular stone veneer cannot create walls like this one without spending a fortune.

river rock used for ponds

River rock is not suitable for ponds but the faux river rock is water-proof.

Stay tuned for many more examples. Thanks to Antico Elements for the images provided.