Applications Of Faux Stone Products

Paneled Stone To The rescue:

How many times have we seen cases where a fully completed home that needs renovation cannot simply be invaded by crews of stone workers? Imagine what it would happen if your whole family was living in the home and how their lives would have to be rearranged in order to allow for the installation of natural or cast stone. HERE you will see a bit more info on the differences between the various types of stone. Although you will get a clear picture quickly, there is always a staff on duty that can answer all your questions and concerns.

So, let's say you live in a high-rise and you cannot hire a crew at all to reface the walls and create a nice stone wall look. Today there are products that can be used as if they were pictures. They could be hung just like you would do for picture frames.

white faux stone installed

This is clearly not the case for just residential applications.
The ease of installation appeals to many sectors and all firms involved with any type of remodeling, design and construction.
There are really no reasons to spend more money and put your clients through rough times so that you can say you used real stone. Take a look at a single panel and imagine if you could install 8 square feet in 5 minutes.

money saving stone

Eliminate many bottlenecks that slow your jobs down by using faux stone. May contractors who tried to install the panels once they said that other stone type are now history! It is all about making your customer happy and get the job completed quickly. Give it a try and let us know what you think.