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Using Well-Placed Mirrors to Create the Effect of Space

Scientific tests have proven that home-owners who display mirrors around their house tend to get on better in life and be more confident. In addition to helping improve one’s self-confidence, mirrors help you with interior decorating issues, particularly if you do not have a lot of space to play around with.

Interior decorating experts may advise you to use a large wall mirror if you want to give the effect of having more space or room. If it’s a case of a room that is not as big as you might like it to be and you are not thrilled at the idea of removing walls or changing all the furnishings with something that might make a space appear broader, some well placed floor-to-ceiling mirrors can very well do the trick. By reflecting the whole room, mirrors will give the impression that there’s double the room available.

But bear in mind, you cannot just go placing mirrors anywhere you feel like it. Mirrors will not do any good if large items of furniture are blocking the mirrors, for instance. A great alternative to just placing mirrors around would be to redecorate walls with designs or patterns. An option to use could be vibrant paint colors or even replica stones or rocks. Replica rocks or stone and brick can add great value to a room or space without going too deep in the pockets because of the ease of installation and low costs of materials.

To create the best illusion of space, study how the room is laid out and find those parts of it that are not likely to be opposite where people will be sitting. Remember that the mirrors need not cover the entire wall surface, just the whole height. If you get it right, your floor to ceiling mirrors should give the illusion that there are passages into different rooms, building the illusion of extra space.