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Many uses for stone columns.

Stone columns have been the “pillars” for all kinds of designs and construction types. Pun intended!

The beauty of a stone column cannot be matched by any other architectural element. These columns have a really large variety of stones used, colors, sizes, and textures. The range from Tuscan to Ionic, from Doric to Corinthian. It is amazing to see how often these stone columns are used today and in the past decades and centuries.

Old styles of columns
Old styles of columns

Today the use of real columns becomes problematic because we are all focused on the total cost of construction. We often compromise the look and feel of a project to simply save a couple of hundred dollars.

This compromise, though, is not always necessary if we are aware of some new faux products on the market. Faux stone columns are often overlooked because of the stigma associated with the material used to build them. Polyurethane is a high-density resin that not only provides a long-lasting strength but an unmatched aid when it comes to applying them to a design and when there is a need to remove them.


The perks of using faux stone for columns do not end there. If a construction project has existing columns or metal supports that cannot be removed, a builder will need to cut a stone column in half and wrap around the pillars. This is now necessary with faux stone wraps.

In other words, today it is very possible to have both look and cost-saving by using faux stone columns from places like FauxStoneDepot.com which provides a long list of column wraps and other complementary parts. Check them out.

These column wraps do not come in one solid piece but rather in separate pieces that snap together to provide users with products that have barely-visible seams.