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Using Polyurethane For Your Faux Stone Supplies

Throughout the past centuries, mankind has experimented with a large number of building materials. From mixing mud and straws to putting resin materials into a mold to give them different shapes. One of the most reliable materials to shape into stones and bricks is polyurethane.

polyurethane stone
The Look Of Polyurethane Stone Panels

Polyurethane has been used for many years and recently adopted in a great way, making faux stone panels also called imitation stone panels or fake rock panels.

We all know how challenging it could be to create an outdoor or indoor project that includes a stone accent. Up until this point, the best way to create a natural or credible stone and rook look was to employ a very expensive contractor or even worse, as far as cost goes, hire a faux finisher to paint a simulated stone pattern on the existing walls. Clearly, in the latter method, it would be very hard to recreate a credible texture and depth.

Either way, it has been quite a headache in the past to achieve the above result. Companies like Antico Elements, CheapFauxStone.com or Faux Stone Depot have, in our informed opinion, the best quality at the best prices, and looking into this can help you relieve some of that stress.

A Great Example Of Stone SheetsWith polyurethane, some things have changed quite a bit. Problems like weight and costs are not in the picture anymore. Using faux stone panels you can reduce the total weight of the stone to a small fraction. One panel only weighs around 10 pounds. This means that you don’t need to worry about creating a base that can hold the weight of real stone or even cultured stone veneer.  This is also valid when looking for faux brick sheets

These panels can be just installed by applying glue in the back and securing them with some screws or nails. They interlock very well and the seams between panels can be hidden easily if the product is made correctly. As far as cost goes, you can, for one thing, reduce the amour spent for a contractor or simply do it yourself with basic carpenters tools.